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Grade Level Classroom Guidance Topics
                                           at Readfield and Manchester:

In  Kindergarten we learn about feelings and how to manage them. We also learn how to express our needs and wants, and we talk about listening skills and body language. We learn about responsibility and why we have rules. Other topics include: resolving conflicts, our likes and dislikes, diversity, personal body safety, and stranger safety.

In  First Grade we learn more about listening skills. We talk about coping with feelings such as anger, sadness and fear. Other topics include: expressing feelings, needs and wants and cooperating with others.

In  Second Grade we focus on the different aspects of our health and making healthy decisions. We learn about why people work, and what we are learning in school now that will help us in our jobs in the future. Other topics include: decision-making, assertiveness, verbal and non-verbal communications, and resolving conflicts.

In Third Grade we talk about choosing friends and how to be a good friend. We practice conflict resolution and creating win/win situations. A big focus is on different kinds of health and how to make good healthy decisions.
In  Fourth Grade we learn a lot about stress/anger management, refusal skills, decision-making skills and cooperation. We learn about ourselves and we share our interests. We talk more about careers, communication and listening skills.

In  Fifth Grade we develop a better understanding of the interrelationships with mental, physical, emotional and social health. We also talk about diversity, values, perceptions, and developing empathy. We learn the differences between teasing and bullying and how to avoid or change situations that threaten personal safety. Other topics include: basic human needs, resolving conflicts, problem solving, and positive peer pressure.

Telling Isn’t Tattling is a topic we discuss at every level. We learn that our safety and the safety of others is important. If someone is in danger, feels scared, is being hurt physically or emotionally, or if his or her property is being damaged or destroyed, it is OK to tell.

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