The Fish Eggs have arrived at MES.

The Trout Eggs Are Here

By Ava Pare

Trout eggs have arrived in the 5th grade and we have 350 of them! We have to take care of them too. Ms. Cami from Friends of the Cobbossee taught us how to take care of them. When a fish egg is white it means that the fish has unfortunately died. If this happens (we hope it doesn’t) then we have to remove the egg. Two 5th graders will be taking care of them every day. They will be taking the temperature which should be around 4 degrees Celsius. The students will write it down in a daily chart. They will also be testing the water with a pH strip. They will put it in the water for 30 seconds and then compare it to a chart that Ms. Cami gave us. The pH should be between 6-7. We will also be taking pictures often so we can compare the eggs between all of the other days. Each week we need to take a bucket of water out of the tank and put new fresh water in. It should also take a couple of months for them to hatch. In May Ms. Cami will take us to Jaime’s Pond to release our little fish friends.