MES Evacuation Drill image

February 28, 2020

Dear MES Families,

In an effort to be prepared for any emergency, we have scheduled an off site Evacuation Drill at MES.  The scenario we will be using is that of a reported propane smell in the school. On Friday, March 6th, we will evacuate the school beginning at 9:00.   As a real life practice drill, Manchester Fire Department as well as other mutual aid fire departments and Kennebec County Emergency Management Association will support our students and staff through this exercise.

This practice not only helps our students and staff know how to respond to a need to evacuate the building but it will also provide information to the fire department and Kennebec County Emergency Management Association.  Both groups are continuously planning and preparing for emergencies.  

If you travel past the school during this time you will see fire trucks and possibly other first responders.  This is to be a Practice Emergency, not an actual emergency event. We will send notifications throughout the course of the drill via our alert system. We will also notify you once the drill is completed and we have returned to classrooms to continue our regular day’s schedule.

Students and staff will be notified prior to the event to remind them of expected behavior and to lessen their worry during the practice drill.  We will make every attempt to be calm and supportive of students throughout this practice event. We encourage you to use the opportunity to discuss the drill both before and after it is complete.

The superintendent’s office has also been involved with the preparations for this drill and will be available to MES administration for support during the practice drill.  

You can call Manchester Elementary School or the Superintendent’s Office with any questions or concerns.


Abbie Hartford, Principal MES             

James Charette, Superintendent RSU #38