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On May 19th RES/MES music teacher, Dorie Tripp, received the Maine Music Educators Association Educator of the Year Award via zoom. This recognition was shared in front of her peers. As we are all aware, the pandemic has been difficult and has significantly impacted music programs. Dorie has been on a cart going room to room delivering her curriculum without the ability to play instruments, sing, and movement activities. Just as our students have been, she too has been resilient and creative in adapting her curriculum to meet the state guidelines. Dorie has implemented a curriculum that integrates science and social studies concepts with her music curriculum. She uses technology to take her students on virtual trips around the world to experience the variations of instruments, their sounds, and cultural music. This exposure has been beneficial to our students. Mrs. Tripp is a highly motivated, visible, collaborative, and dedicated professional, who is committed to improving the culture and learning within our schools in a positive manner. Thank you to Mr. Adam Scarpone for nominating Mrs. Tripp for this prestigious award!